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We are here to serve Alaska’s home inspection needs.  Please call us during normal business hours or if it is after hours just send an email using the form below.

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Communities Served

Wasilla, Palmer, Butte, Big Lake, Houston, Eagle River, and Anchorage

With travel to other communities available


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Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat – Sun: Closed


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Office: (907) 795-6212
Cell: (907) 841-2592

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend the Inspection?

Yes, you are welcome to attend, and it is often helpful for you to be able to ask the Inspector questions as you go through the home.

If I am not able to attend, will I be able to ask questions about the report or other issues?

Yes, we have a couple of options for that. If you are unable to attend, we embed videos in your report to help explain findings. We are also available to answer questions via phone or email, or you can request a video call at the home, so you can do a virtual walk-through of the house with your Inspector.

What payment options do you have?

When you schedule your Inspection, you will receive a confirmation email with links to our Inspection Agreement and Payment Portal. You can pay online, or if you will be at the Inspection you can pay with cash.

Will you travel to other parts of Alaska?

Yes, with a travel fee added to the Inspection fee.

What is Included in a General Home Inspection?

We will inspect the entire home for visible defects and provide you with a written report, unless otherwise agreed upon. If there is an accessible crawlspace and attic, your Inspector will check those, as well as the roof. We are not specialists in any specific system or home component (A foundation specialist will know more about foundations that we do, and an electrical contractor will know more about the electric system), but your Inspector is trained to note visible deficiencies in all of these systems and make recommendations as to how issues should be fixed or who to contact for more information. You can also read the full list of our Standards of Practice

Do you check for mold?

We will note in the report if there are any areas that appear to have microbial growth or mold. Confirmation of mold depends on laboratory analysis.