The first part of a home inspection is the on-site inspection. This is the part where the inspector walks through the home (with or without the clients) to look for deficiencies. We don’t have x-ray vision, and don’t take anything apart to inspect it, but we do have special training and some nifty gadgets to help detect things that may be amiss. If you’re not able to attend the inspection, we can arrange a phone call, video call, and/or videos embedded in your report.

Part two of a home inspection is the report. The report is the document showing the condition of the home, prepared by the inspector for the clients. The report summary is a list at the top of the report with one sentence summarizing each deficiency. It is grouped into ratings of Health and Safety, Primary Concerns, and Maintenance. The report body shows check marks if an item is in good condition, has full descriptions where explanations are needed, and contains photos and videos.

The last part of a home inspection is the client (and realtor, if applicable) reviewing of the report, and the inspector answering any questions they have. The realtor and clients look through the list of deficiencies and decide which repairs to negotiate for (if it’s a buyers’ inspection) or to fix (if it’s a pre-listing/sellers inspection).

For more tips about attending a home inspection and ideas for good questions to ask, visit Landmark Home Warranties

Remember, we’re always here to answer questions, even after the inspection is complete and the report  is sent!