One of the perks of inspecting homes is the gadgets we get to use (and maybe 
show off a bit). One of our favorites, which we began using this year, is a thermal 
camera. With this special camera, we can detect heat patterns within the walls, 
ceilings, and more. Most often what we see is minor issues such as low insulation, but 
sometimes it identifies serious conditions like moisture intrusion (water reads cooler 
than surrounding home components).

Another neat trick is looking at expansion tanks with the camera. Expansion 
tanks for boilers and water heaters have an air bladder inside, which expands and 
contracts as water heats and pressure rises. If pressure rises too much, the bladder is 
broken. This way, the water stays inside the expansion tank instead of over 
pressurizing the system and causing leaks. When we look at a new or properly 
functioning expansion tank with the thermal camera, we can see that half of it is 
cooler than the other half. However, if the whole tank is the same temperature, it is 
indicative that the bladder has broken, and the expansion tank needs to be replaced. 

For a more complete explanation on how expansion tanks work, go to:

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